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La Albufera History

La Albufera is a young, innovative and a 100% natural cosmetic Spanish brand. Its founder, as a child, realized that in contact with rice, his skin felt smoother and softer than usual. Over time, encouraged by this concern, he started to investigate.

He settled in Valencia in order to work with the rice harvested in La Albufera National Park, which gives the name to the brand. After years of investigation and hard work surrounded by rice fields, he developed a first cold pressing process of the rice germ to provide our skin with these cereal´s magnificent properties so valued by the oriental women since millennia.

After waiting for a long time when he was about to quit, he obtained the so desired first drop of oil. After this tough task, he got what he was searching for: an artisanal 100% natural cosmetic product, with no additives and chemical free…

Convinced of what he had gotten, he gave it to his wife.

A gift from Nature

When Ana, his wife, applies it on her skin, she was so pleasantly surprised that she decided to share it and gave it to friends and family. Since the first application, her skin recovered the luminosity and smoothness lost long ago. She felt her body and face skin very nourished and the sun spots on her skin began to disappear. On top of that, eye circles, bags and wrinkles were vanishing. The dry areas of her skin rapidly became velvety smooth. And there´s more,… her skin didn´t feel greasy at all. This oil was quickly absorbed. Seduced by this marvelous Rice Germ Oil, all her friends asked for it over and over. In short, they had found a miraculous product for all skin types supported by the wonderful results obtained.

cuidados de la piel

If you try it, you love it

One of her friends had finally found a harmless product to treat the atopic skin of her baby. The eccemas disappeared and the baby´s skin felt smooth, nourished and moistured. One relative was healed from mild burns. And one neighboor who was recently operated applied Rice Germ Oil on the scars and to her surprise, they were noticeably attenuating.

Every single one of the people who tried Rice germ Oil, fell infatuated with it and shared with Ana how this oil had worked on their skin.

Aware of the resounding success of rice Germ Oil, Ana and her husband together with María José create La Albufera cosmetic Brand. The demand was such that along with Rice Germ Oil came other products that complete wonderful product line for the whole family´s skincare.

Why is Rice Germ Oil so special?

Contenido en vitamina E (mg/100g)

Rice Germ Oil contains:

  • Vitamin E:
    Contains a very haigh concentration of vitamin E, a very powerful antioxidant. 60% more Vitamin E than Argan oil.
  • Omega 3 and Omega 6:
    Rice Germ Oil contains acid fats that our body needs to incorporate from the outside.
  • Coenzyme Q10:
    Rice Germ Oil is rich in Coenzyme Q10. Up to the age of 20, the body produces enough for the skin to remain radiant and protected. However, our skin needs additional help if we want to stay young and to help eliminate the effects of free radicals.
  • Carotene:
    This liposoluble pigment is one of the most important precursors of Vitamin A; responsible for the healthy color of our skin, it also protects skin from free radicals.

Artisanal manufacturing processedin La Albufera National Park.

A 100% natural product in all stages of production.

Fifty kilograms of selected rice are used to produce a single pot. We use a first cold pressing process in order to keep the special properties intact.

Asian women use rice frequently for their personal care and skincare. Since millennia It is widely known that the firmness and beauty of their skin remains over time. Their natural secret has been unveiled and it is at your fingertips.

Natrue, BioInspecta y NatVidaSana seals certify that, in the processing and packaging processes, La Albufera looks after the production process up to the very last detail to ensure that the oil preserves all its natural properties.