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Rich in vitamine E
which helps to restore
and cares for your skin

Manufactured in
LA Albufera
Natural Park

Free shipping
for orders
from 24 €

“My baby has atopic skin and suffers from irritation. I apply Rice Germ Oil every night before sleeping ad his skin is much better.”
- Lola, 42 years old.

“Since I use Rice Germ Oil, I do not have any more sun spots and my skin appearance has improved making it look more hydrtaed and firm.”

- Ana, 43 years old.

“It really worked! Th stretch marks are vanishing and I feel much better about myself now”

- Laura, 21 years old.

“A little drop of Rice Germ oil applied on my dermatitis before bed and the itching is gone!”

- Gabriel, 43 years old.

“Since I use Rice Germ Oil, the sun spots are disappearing.”

- Alejandra. 38 years old.

“I had always used creams and this is the firs oil that I use. I have noticed my skin looks smoother and more luminous and renewed.”

- Sophie, 29 years old.

“The marks that I had on my hands and my face have gone in a couple of weeks!”

- Begoña, 21 years old.

“I apply i ton face, neck and hands. No greasy texture at all. My skin looks mor luminous and renewed.”

- Marta, 45 years old.

“I had an outbreak of acne caused by stress… My skin completely regenerated as if I had never had acne! ”

- Marta, 25 years old.

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