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Rice Germ Oil (50ml)

Antiaging, regenerative and restorative oil for the whole family's beauty and skin health.

In the rice germ we can find the plant´s mother cells with the greatest proportion of nutrients. These nutrients are extracted out of the plant by first cold pressing. Thus, its properties remain intact. That´s how La Albufera Rice Germ Oil arose. Among its properties, we can mention Its high concentration in vitamina E, powerful antioxidant (60% more vitamine E than argan oil). Rice Ger Oil is indicated fro the whole family´s daily use.


free shipping for orders from 24 €

Why it helps you

Powerful antioxidante with great antiaging action.Regenerating and restoring effect on the skin healing it from the deepest layers of skin towards the outside (helps ti improve dark spots, scars,wounds, eccemas, estretch marks,...). It protects skin from free radicals and from the harmful sunrays. It balances the production of sebum helping improve acneic skin.

100% natural

100% Oryza Sativa Seed Oil - Rich in vitamine E. Omega 3 and omega 6, Coenzyme Q10, carotene and betacarotene and phytoesterols.

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free shipping for orders from 24 €
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